The creative consciousness is a powerful energy that connects all things. The source can be seen as the sky and everything beyond. The sun, moon, and stars are all things that give us inspiration.

It’s only natural that we dance, paint, and make music as we’ve learned it from observing. We dance the same dance as the planets moving around each other. We paint our canvases like the sky paints itself a beautiful scene. We let our voices shine bright like the sun, and soft as the glow of the moon.

We are a reflection of what we see and it inspires us. See all of the good in life and you’ll see it in oneself.

Empowering Voices Through Music and Visual Arts

Our youth leaders share their music and visual arts skills, building a community of young people who are resilient and knowledgeable about their cultural identity and ways to express feelings and dreams for the future.


Guitar is a wonderful, portable instrument that you can easily bring with you wherever you are.


Keyboard is very useful as it allows you to play melody and harmony together.


The drum represents the heartbeat of all creation. Feel the beat in the rhythm of life.